Power to the Customer

Here at Power Testing Limited our competitive strength comes from keeping our Clients and Customers satisfied, who in turn have been recommending our good service to others since we started business in 1966.

Our clients and customers are the people we do business with and the people affected by our work; we believe they all deserve the highest standard of service we can provide in equal measure.

We recognise the focus our Clients have to demonstrate good service is being delivered and the changing needs of customers, which is why we take time to listen to our customers and regularly seek feedback.

Our Charter sets out how we build long term successful relationships by committing to the following minimum standards of service:-

  • All our employees will treat you with respect and courtesy and take time to understand your needs.

  • Many of our clients work in the public service spotlight where there may be media attention for example on power failures or travel disruption. Our staff will not make any unsolicited press statements; we will guide media enquiries according to our clients requirements and procedures.

  • We always aim to attend our booked appointments and where there is a possibility we may be delayed by over 30 minutes we will contact our customers where possible, to agree to reschedule our visit if they want to.

  • When we arrive to site our employees will carry suitable identification and our customers can call us if they have any concerns on (01245 266800).

  • Where power outages affect sensitive customers and local business we will make efforts to minimise the impact and keep customers locally informed. Our engineers can speak with customers and we can provide proactive notice to meet our clients requirements to avoid complaints.

  • Vulnerable customers include those with medical needs, the elderly and infants who may have a critical dependence on electrical supplies. If we encounter vulnerable customers we shall advise the clients we work for to ensure they are looked after and kept safe.

  • We aim to survey our clients and customers to check we are delivering a high standard of service. We aim to achieve an overall satisfaction rating of over 80%, and understand how we can improve.

  • We will investigate and resolve any complaints promptly – responding the same day and aiming to resolve the issue within 10 working days.

Managing Director, Power Testing Ltd