Maintenance carried out by Power Testing Ltd is recorded on our equipment specific report sheets.

We are are making changes to our bespoke database by developing an asset management approach to routine maintenance allowing for:

  • Trend analysis
  • Life Cycle Planning
  • Setting of maintenance frequencies.

We are further improving on our efficiency by moving towards tablet reporting where reports will be electronically sent back to our
reporting department for quality checking and then issued to our clients in a timely manner.
Site of our database detailing our clients assets will be made available upon request. Power Testing Ltd will allow access to this data
base only to clients with correct clearance to view and will only be permitted to view their building.

Power Testing Ltd. are members of Energy Networks Association. Through our membership we are kept up to date with any Suspension
of Operating Practices (SOPís)relating to faulty switchgear and Dangerous Incident Notifications (DINís) Ė Where we can all learn from
others findings .

Maintenance carried out by Power Testing Ltd will continue to be recorded on our equipment specific report sheets.
Our report sheets have been designed to meet and exceed manufacturers recommendations for carrying out electrical maintenance in
accordance with BS 6626.

We have staff trained and conversant with equipment ranging from distribution boards up to 132kV circuit breakers and maintain a
library of manufacturers information regarding electrical distribution equipment. Indeed, many modification and repair circulars issued
by manufacturers to our clients are passed on to us, as it is usually Power Testing Ltd. that will be carrying out any modifications or
checks detailed in such circulars.

Although we cannot hold stocks of all spare parts that would be needed, we do however hold many useful items in stock and we have
built up useful working relationships with companies specialising in the keeping/storing and reconditioning of such spares. In this way,
we can generally arrange for spares to be available on site at short notice.