Company Vision and Values

Our Company ambition is:

“Supporting the world with Electrical Solutions and Resources.”

Our Values: Our company values are also known as ‘The Power Testing Way’
This is the recipe for how we ensure our business remains fit and  healthy by:


  • Keeping our people and customers safe and satisfied
  • Financial stability and sustained growth over the long term
  • Being responsible to the environment and local community
  • Delivering our promises and value for money, through high quality work; “On time every time”.


Through delivering our values we aim to be your preferred partner for sustainable power engineering projects & asset management.


Zero Harm Approach:

Power Testing Ltd must ensure a Safe Place to work and therefore follows the Zero Harm target.
With this in mind we are working towards the OHSAS 18001 Standard.
We have had only one loss time accident in the last three years. Our aim is Zero Harm and our ethos is to learn and improve from any
hazard, near miss or Incident. Further information can be issued on request. Our Zero Harm principles help us stay focused on remaining safe at all times.

Our Zero Harm Principles are:

All work is done safely no matter how urgent or small it is;


  • Each of us have a personal responsibility for our safety and those around us,
  • We must ensure we routinely and visibly put people to work safely,
  • Each of us will take responsibility to spot, report and deal appropriately with hazards when and where we see them.




Power Testing Ltd employs an operational team who ensure that the company is run both reliably and efficiently, Thus maintaining value added and continual improvement to the benefit of our clients.


Power Testing Ltd. has, at present, 14 engineers working in the field of power engineering and although each is referred to simply as an engineer, each falls into one of the following two categories: Contract Engineers and Project Engineers.

Contract Engineers:

These engineers are responsible for the day-to-day requirements for the safe and continued operation of a specific network and each has long-standing experience in the operation, control and maintenance of industrial electrical power systems.

Project Engineers:

Project engineers have no fixed place of work. Each takes on specific tasks as and when necessary. This work includes activities such as fault locations, other emergency callouts and work carried out on sites where there is no permanent Power Testing Ltd. presence. They also provide a back-up service to the site engineers.


We use the term ‘Technician’ in preference to the term ‘Fitter’, as most of our technicians are educated to National Certificate and are selected for their versatility and depth of experience.

Staff are normally relocated on an informal rotating basis, so as to provide experience of the different systems we operate and different areas in which we work.

Cable Jointers

Our cable jointers are fully trained up to 33,000V.

Our staff are selected for their abilities and their experience of the electrical industry, so the provision of training within Power Testing Ltd. is targeted on an individual basis.

Company sponsored college courses are provided for many of our staff on a day-release basis. On-the-job evaluation and training is carried out by our Chief Engineer, with days taken out of normal operation for those concerned, in order to make themselves familiar with the subject at hand. We currently have a formal apprenticeship scheme in operation

We maintain a library of manufacturers’ information. This information can be accessed at any time and staff can familiarise themselves with the contents. As an extension of this, when we are installing new equipment, our staff usually visit the manufacturer’s factory for the purposes of witnessing the final factory testing and also to become familiar with the installation and operational requirements of the equipment. Such information gained is then passed on to other staff involved with these works.


Our policy on recruitment is quite simple. Staff are normally recruited having left major organisations compatible with our activities (Electricity Supply Industry and, for our airport contracts, British Airways).

Interviews are conducted, so as to ascertain the candidate’s suitability. In such interviews, we especially seek an insight into the candidate’s character as well as knowledge, and any candidates selected are taken on a trial period of three months’ duration.

Health & Safety

Power Testing Ltd. has a formal safety policy and also carries out other activities to help keep high the profile of safety matters. Operations of electrical systems are carried out in accordance with our safety rules and ‘Toolbox’ talks on safety and safety-related matters are carried out, generally once a week.

On site risk assessment are carried out by staff prior to any works taking place.

Our foremost policy is that the individual has the right to ask for guidance and proof that all necessary precautions have been taken.


Power Testing Ltd. are committed to the protection and conservation of the environment, we recognise that our activities may have an impact on both local and global environments.

As a company we aim to work towards continual improvement in reducing our impact to the environment and comply with the requirements set out in the environmental protection Act 1990.

Sub Letting / Contracting

Power Testing Ltd. normally carries out all necessary functions ‘in-house’. However, certain tasks require specific plant, extra labour or specialist skills that would be uneconomical to retain on a full-time basis. Such functions include:

  • Cable pulling (large quantities)
  • Earthworks
  • Civil Engineering
  • Repair and calibration of test equipment

When work is sub-let, we carry out full supervision of the sub-contractor, as the standard of the finished work is going to reflect on us. We carry out regular appraisals of our sub-contractors, and do not hesitate to terminate any contract we may have with them should they fail to meet our requirements.

Maintenance Contract Experience

We carry out Maintenance and operation works regularly on behalf of BP Oil Company, British Airways, EDF Energy Ltd Commercial Buildings, Thames Water Utilities, the Scottish and Southern Energy, Areva and many others.

Quality Assurance

Power Testing Ltd. has been an accredited ISO 9001:2008 by ASTA since June, 1995. We work towards continual improvement in line with the guidelines set out within ISO 9001:2008.

C.D.M. Regulations

Power Testing Ltd. had already been in the habit of preparing risk assessments and method statements for tasks undertaken for some time prior to the implementation of the C.D.M. Regulations. These Regulations, therefore, have not introduced any significant changes in our operating pattern.