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Now You Can Avoid Nuisance Electrical Disturbances

The Solution to Prevent Power Outages

We are all aware that STR relays are known to fail due to low loadings resulting in unwanted, costly power outages. PTL now has the solution to this common failure. As an accredited supplier and installer of AMP-SAFE-PRO TM protection - a state of the art replacement protection device - PTL is now able to provide you with a fast, cost effective and supported solution that will ensure YOUR power stays ON!

Replaced and ON within 30 Minutes

We have the resources to attend your site within 2 hours of receiving your call. The existing ‘failed unit’ will be replaced within 30 minutes and your supply will then be secure without any major disruption, modifications or retrofitting - therefore greatly reducing down times.


Circuit breakers make up the backbone of the power distribution infrastructure. They are expected to have a service life of several decades even though OEMs periodically introduce new models and phase out support on older designs. Industry depends on this installed equipment to operate safely and reliably long after OEMs have ended production and support.

AMP-SAFE-PRO TM was introduced as an answer to problems experienced with the operational characteristics of OEM trip units.

The AMP-SAFE-PRO TM is a plug-in, direct replacement trip unit for Merlin Gerin & Square D Masterpact M, IEC or UL rated breakers.

The AMP-SAFE-PRO TM is user programmed to replace any of the versions of STR-18M, 28D, 38S or 58U trip units.

The AMP-SAFE-PRO TM has the same protective functions, settings and time current- curves as the original STR.

PTL are able to provide a solution for your obsolete Masterpact M STR Protection units. This tried and tested device replaces the STR-28D, STR- 38S, STR-58U and the STR-68U Trip Units.

This device is adaptable to all frame sizes both 3 pole and 4 pole.

The protection unit can be fitted on site by our expertly trained, accredited engineers with minimum site disruption.

Testing to manufacturers curves will be carried on site as part of the process and test documentation given in both paper media and electronically.

The units are available ex-stock as we tend to carry a stock level maintained at 20 units.

This state of the art replacement protection device will be programmed exactly to the settings of your old STR.


As this protection unit is fully programmable for all Merlin Gerin frame sizes it reduces the number of spares you will require as one size fits all.

Special Units

PTL can supply this unit as standard with communication functions, all AMP-SAFE-PRO TM units are supplied with fully functional modbus interface.